The moment we talk about Japan, we think about their technology, sushi, culture and their language! We have heard people saying that Japanese is not an easy language to learn and it is also a very weird language. Many people have also tried to learn Japanese with the help of various mobile apps, YouTube videos, and even tried taking help from Google translator. Some failed miserably at it and some lost interest eventually. This doesn’t mean that the language is hard or not interesting enough to keep the person engaged.

If you want to learn the language, you have to do it seriously and choose your Japanese tutor very wisely. We have a list of things to consider while choosing your tutor.

  • Where To Find The Right Japanese Tutor – There are many Japanese language teaching institutes that teach you the language but not every one of them will have the right Japanese tutor for you. So it is important that you go through each one of them and decide which tutor will be perfect for you. Research as much as you can before you take a decision.
  • Private Tutors – The more you are comfortable, the more easily and interesting learning will become for you. If you do not want to go and learn the language at an institute, there are options of private Japanese tutors that teach you the language and charge you on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. The idea is to be comfortable while learning because foreign languages can overwhelm you and you may end up giving up.
  • Skills – Knowing a language is one thing and teaching it to someone is another! Your tutor must not only be fluent in speaking Japanese but should also have the skills to make learning easy and fun for you. The tutor must know when to go slow and adjust his/her teaching style and speed according to the grasping power of the individual. Many people lost interest in learning the language because the tutor wasn’t good with the teaching skills.
  • Worth The Price – There are private tutors and even language institutes that teach Japanese and charge the customer too much than they should. You should remember that it’s not necessary for everything that is expensive to be good too. Make sure you hire a Japanese tutor after making sure that their fees is justified and you don’t end up with a hole in your pocket.
  • Convey Your Requirements – There can be millions of reasons behind you wanting to learn Japanese. It can be because you are simply interested in the language or curious about it or you are planning on becoming a Japanese tutor too or you have some other career plans related to the language. It is important that you convey this to your tutor. Your tutor must be aware of why you want to learn the language so that they can teach you in the same manner. You have no idea how big of a difference this small information will make!