With a diverse population of international travellers and a huge expat community, Bangkok is one of the world’s most eclectic cities.

What Makes A Top International School Work?

A school is akin to a village or small town, with often hundreds of people working dozens of occupations. The amount of work, effort and time that goes into making a top school successful is hard to imagine. Everyone is essential if a school is going to succeed. It is the job of the headteacher or principal to make sure every member of staff feels valued and can work to their best ability. The following attributes are what makes a top school work:

Organised, proactive administration – When employing senior administrators, it is essential that these individuals have a background in Education in order for the administration to be able to provide a top international school curriculum in Bangkok. When these administrators truly know the struggles and intricacies of education, the school is able to operate at its peak performance.

Valued, team-based teachers – Many argue that the students are at the centre of a school, but equally important are valued, well-paid teachers. When a school strives to ensure its teachers are provided for and are paid well, student progression naturally flourishes. The opposite is not always true.

It is essential that schools are teacher-centred, a controversial argument, but one that holds when given some thought; If teachers are supported by the administration to be able to carry out their duties adequately, student achievement soars, as both students and teachers feel valued.

Curriculum and Facilities in Top International Schools in Bangkok

-Curriculum – the type of curriculum a school offers usually relates to:

  • The country it represents – British schools wouldn’t usually provide an American curriculum, for example.
  • The moral, ethical or religious ethos – School with a religious affiliation will usually have a curriculum that represents that affiliation.

-The facilities or location – The more space a school has, the more facilities, equipment, classrooms and students it can fit comfortably.

Some purpose-built schools in Bangkok have truly world-class facilities that include:

  • Swimming pools, sports field and an athletics track – Perfect for those budding future soccer stars.
  • World-class performing arts facilities – Music, Drama, Dance, Visual Art
  • High-tech computer and science laboratories – A modern science lab is a fantastic selling point for any school, allowing students to explore the laws of the universe in a safe, modern and clean environment.

With so many incredible schools to choose from in Bangkok, you can find the school of your dreams for your child.