The nus moe bursary is among the most deemed bursaries in Singapore. It is a boon for all those who want to continue their education at a university level but do not have the financial capability for doing that because this bursary is granted to such people only.


NUS, or the National University Of Singapore, is without a doubt one of the finest universities in entire Singapore. The NUS offers courses in almost every department, and the quality of education in NUS is really good. NUS gives out some of the best professionals to the world every year, and that is the reason why most people want to get into NUS.

MOE Bursary

For people wanting to get into NUS, the Ministry Of Education of Singapore came up with a bursary. This bursary is specially granted to those who do not belong to financially strong families and are unable to pay their fees because of their financial issues. The nus moe bursary covers the tuition fees for almost every course, from Ph.D. to medical courses.

If you also dream of going to a deemed and reputed university like NUS but do not have the funds for that, then you can opt for NUS Moe Bursary.